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Sales Planning and Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions are part of the Fusion CRM suite of applications that include processes and tools supporting and organization during the Pre and Post Sales phase. Fusion SPM encompasses processes from defining Territories to Incentive Planning and Calculation.

Increasing Selling Time:

Sales Management spend most time in manually executing pre and post sales process, leading to loss of precious selling time. Effective SPM solutions should provide automation of Pre & Post Sales process, that would free up the sales organizations from excel crunching and hence Increased Selling Time.

Doing more with less- Increasing Sales Productivity:

Post-recession organizations have inclined towards building high performing and lean sales organization with the ability to remove flab at every level of the process. Yet sales organizations need to acquire and retain top sales talent, increase sales revenue through increase in sales productivity.

CloudSPM provides implementation services to help plan, define and Implement Incentive Compensation models using Fusion Incentive Compensation.

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